Extreme Demand

AVAILABILITY: NC200 and NC107 in 50 count boxes are shipping with a production lead time of at least 5 days. NC100 in 50 count boxes are shipping with an even longer lead time and are filled in the order they are received.

U-Frames and Rider Wire are currently in stock for shipping.

We are pausing orders on all other H style SKUs until their production resumes to decrease confusion and inconvenience.

Sign Frame Samples


For the NC 300 series, please specify 7 or 9 gauge from the second drop-down, otherwise just leave the selection to its default “N/A”.

SKU: Sample

Product Description

Not sure what size is right for you? Order a sample of a product in our catalog for one flat fee.

Item Description by SKU

NC100 – Standard 10″ x 30″ Sign Frame

NC200 – Heavy Duty 10″ x 30″ Sign Frame

NC101 – 6″ x 24″ Sign Frame

NC103 – 6″ x 30″ Sign Frame

NC104 – 10″ x 15″ Sign Frame

NC107 – 10″ x 24″ Sign Frame

NC430 – 30″ Rider Wire

NC408 – 8″ Rider Wire

NC301 – 20″ x 33″ U Frame*

NC 302 – 22″ x 33″ U Frame*

NC303 – 24″ x 33″ U Frame*

NC304 – 26″ x 33″ U Frame*

NC305 – 30 x 33″U Frame*


*For the NC 300 series, please specify either 7 gauge or 9 gauge in the second drop-down above. Otherwise, leave this box at its default.

Additional Information

Sample SKU

NC100, NC101, NC102, NC103, NC104, NC107, NC430, NC408, NC301, NC302, NC303, NC304, NC305

For NC 300 series only

N/A, 7 gauge, 9 gauge