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Old North Wire Products, LLC, or ONWP, was formed in 2009 in Alamance County, North Carolina. Our initial and continuing goal is to create an affordable, no frills, and simply straightforward avenue for those in need of sign wire frames of the highest quality and expediency. While we equally love serving our customers whose demands are of a wholesale or freight quantity, or require custom­ size production runs, we wanted to ensure that “mom and pop” sized requirements of customers also had a source for affordable and direct from the manufacturer product.

We offer our sign frames ­ whether step (or H style), riders (or D wire), polybag (or U frame) ­ without requiring customers to purchase the chloroplast or polybag signs themselves. From the beginning we were one of the few to have a free shipping policy to all of our customers by UPS, for all of our products at even the lowest quantity of one box, at an attractive price point. To cap it off we combined the two, not requiring an order of chloroplast or polybag, or print services, nor spending at least $100 or more to be gifted that free shipping offer and discounted price. We happily continue to provide these benefits to our customers.

Our customers can also be sure they are receiving their order as soon as possible. We are not a distributor one, two, or three rungs down the line, nor a sign shop (we do not even provide signs ­ printed or blank). Instead, we serve sign shops and smaller suppliers, and art or graphic operations, small and large. Therefore, your frames are coming directly from the factory and the American hands that move and formed the wire, inspected the frame, and placed them in the box for stock and eventually shipping to you. Because of this, we have stock at the ready to ship and there is no production lead time save for periods of extraordinary demand.

In addition to all of the above, we stand behind our products and believe the quality is at the head of the market and competition. Our blank boxes comes stamped “Made in the U.S.A” because all of our products are made in the USA by American hands. We are extremely proud of the quality of our product and are pleased to serve you.

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