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When will my product ship? What are your lead times?

We normally ship all orders the following business day from when we receive your order. If possible, we sometimes are able to ship the same day. Unless experiencing exceptional demand or extenuating circumstances, we do not have lead times as we keep a high volume of inventory.

How much is shipping?

We currently offer free shipping to the continental United States. We will gladly make other arrangements for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories by UPS. For an increase charge commiserate with UPS's fee structure, we can also provide for an expedited shipping method.

How will my product ship?

We ship all nonfreight orders by UPS Ground. For large orders that go by freight, we choose from a select number of trucking companies depending on delivery times and efficiency. We cannot ship to PO Box addresses.

Can you blind ship or ship to third parties?

Absolutely! We do this all the time. All of our boxes are without logos, besides “Made in the U.S.A.” stamped on them. Whenever you checkout, simply make the shipping address (your customer or third party) different from the billing address (you, our customer) and we will ship the product to the specified person, coming from you.

When will my product arrive?

Our orders ship by UPS Ground and you should allow for 5 business days in transit, though the range is 1-5 days depending on delivery location. See our terms and conditions for further information regarding shipping.

What is the quality of your product? Why are your sign frame prices so low? Why are your prices higher?

We are extremely proud of the quality of our product. Our blank boxes comes stamped “Made in the U.S.A” because all of our products are made in the USA by American hands. We stand behind our products and believe the quality is at the head of the market and competition. We try to attractively price our products to make it simple and affordable for our customers. Our goal is to provide a “direct connection” for those not buying truckloads of product at a time, who normally would have to go through various levels of distributors and pay higher costs. With our firm belief that our product meets the utmost standards and the prices we provide to customers, most products out there we have encountered fails to meet our expectations, and our customers’.

Do you offer discounts?

Discount or “wholesale” prices on individual orders are available based on individual order size.

What size of corrugated signs do I need?

We design our sign frames and heavy duty sign frames to work with 4 mil corrugated plastic signs.

What is the difference between your NC100 and NC200?

The NC100 is our most popular sign frame. It is perfect for situations where the sign frames will not be reused or collected for repeated use. The NC200 is our heavy duty sign frame, which has a stronger base but still accepts standard 4 mil corrugated plastic signs. They are great for use in rocky, hard or frozen soil thanks to their added durability and robustness. Additionally, many of our customers in windy locations prefer to use these during such weather conditions for their added durability. They are also better suited for applications where a sign will be placed, collected and later reused.

Galvanized or Bright Basic Wire?

Some of our sign frames are available as galvanized or bright basic. The galvanized wire has a zinc coating which provides significant rust protection compared to bright basic. Bright basic is simply uncoated steel wire with no rust protection applied.

What are gauges?

Gauge is a reference as to the thickness of the wire. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the wire. Our standard wire usage consists of 7 gauge (.166” to .177”), 9 gauge (.138” to .148”), and .250” for the base of NC200.

Do you have Rider Wires or DWires? What are they?

Yes, we have always had these but are making them available for standard order. Our NC430 is an even lower priced option to our NC100. You simply use two NC430 30” wires per sign (one on each side). The wires are slid into the holes of the 4 mil corrugated plastic until the bend of the wire touches the sign. After inserting into both sides of the sign, place the longer ends of the wires into the ground. Our NC408 can be used to extend the top of one of our existings sign frames. 2 wires on placed on each side of 4 mil corrugated plastic sign until the bend touches the sign. Then the other ends of the wires are inserted into the top of the base sign.

Do you have custom sizes?

Custom sizes are available for products generally starting around an order size of 20,000 pieces. Please contact us for inquiries.

Can I return the product?

The quick answer is “yes,” customers may return products and are responsible for such shipping charges. Please see our terms and conditions for additional details regarding returns.

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