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8" Rider Wire - NC408 W

8" Rider Wire - NC408 W

So multifunctional! The  rider wires can be used as an economical alternative to our traditional H-style sign frames by placing two on each end of the sign as the base and inserting them into the ground. Additionally, they can connect a rider wire with a sign (as the secondary or additional sign) to a standard H-style sign frame as the base sign (as the main or bottom sign) by linking them together in a tiered design - placing the wires of the rider wire into the corrugated plastic holes of the base sign. While our handheld signs - NC601 - are better for manual use, you could also use these for that purposes as well by placing two into your sign and handhold width apart. It is made in the USA from 9 gauge glavanized wire (0.148″) and works with 4 mil corrugated plastic sign boards.


Please note that the minimum quantity for this product is at 350 pieces and can be ordered in increments of 25 pieces above that. When placing the product in your cart, first select the 350 minimum amount, and then add how many additional pieces, or bundles of 25 you wish to order (e.g. 350 + 5 additional increments of 25 pieces for a total of 475 pieces). 


    Material: 9 gauge galvanized wire (0.148″)

    Application: In lieu of traditional sign frames by using two on each end as the base. Can also connect a rider sign (secondary or additional sign) to a base H-style sign frame (main or bottom sign) by linking them together in a tiered design.

    Packaging: Minimum of 350 pieces; available in increments of 25 thereafter.

    Weight: 40 pounds per box

    Pricing: Prices shown are price per piece


    Please reference the Policies page for returns and refunds policy. 


    Shipping for standard orders is free and ships by UPS. Freight orders which require a quote for the quantity requested will be quoted shipping costs at that time. Expedited shipping services are available.

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